Cylindrical Roller Bearings

  • Cylindrical Roller Bearing

    Cylindrical Roller Bearing

    ● The internal structure of cylindrical roller bearings adopts the roller to be arranged in parallel, and the spacer retainer or isolation block is installed between the rollers, which can prevent the inclination of the rollers or the friction between the rollers, and effectively prevent the increase of rotating torque.

    ● Large load capacity, mainly bearing radial load.

    ● Large radial bearing capacity, suitable for heavy load and impact load.

    ● Low friction coefficient, suitable for high speed.

  • Single Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings

    Single Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings

    ● Single row cylindrical roller bearing only by radial force, good rigidity, impact resistance.

    ● It is suitable for short shafts with rigid supports, shafts with axial displacement caused by thermal elongation, and machine accessories with detachable bearings for installation and disassembly.

    ● It is mainly used for large motor, machine tool spindle, engine front and rear supporting shaft, train and passenger car axle supporting shaft, diesel engine crankshaft, automobile tractor gearbox, etc.

  • Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings

    Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings

    ●Has cylindrical inner hole and conical inner hole two structures.

    ●Has the advantages of compact structure, large rigidity, large bearing capacity and small deformation after bearing load.

    ●Can also adjust the clearance slightly and simplify the structure of the positioning device for easy installation and disassembly.

  • Four-Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings

    Four-Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings

    ● Four row cylindrical roller bearings have low friction and are suitable for high speed rotation.

    ● Large load capacity, mainly bearing radial load.

    ● It is mainly used in the machinery of rolling mill such as cold mill, hot mill and billet mill, etc.

    ● The bearing is of separated structure, bearing ring and rolling body components can be conveniently separated, therefore, the cleaning, inspection, installation and disassembly of the bearing are very convenient.