Bearing Accessories

  • Adapter Sleeves

    Adapter Sleeves

    ●Adapter sleeves are the most commonly used components for positioning bearings with tapered holes on cylindrical shafts
    ●Adapter sleeves are widely used in places where light loads are easy to disassemble and assemble.
    ●It can be adjusted and relaxed, which can relax the processing precision of many boxes, and can greatly improve the work efficiency of box processing
    ●It is suitable for the occasion of large bearing and heavy load.

  • Lock Nuts

    Lock Nuts

    ●Friction increase

    ●Excellent vibration resistance

    ●Good wear resistance and shear resistance

    ●Good reuse performance

    ●Provides absolute resistance to vibration

  • Withdrawal Sleeves

    Withdrawal Sleeves

    ●The Withdrawal sleeve is a cylindrical journal
    ●It used for both optical and stepped shafts.
    ●The detachable sleeve can only be used for step shaft.

  • Bushing


    ●The bushing material mainly copper bushing, PTFE, POM composite material bushing, polyamide bushings and Filament wound bushings.

    ●The material requires low hardness and wear resistance, which can reduce the wear of the shaft and the seat.

    ●The main considerations are the pressure, speed, pressure-speed product and load properties that the bushing must bear.

    ●Bushings have a wide range of applications and many types.