• Hybrid Bearings

    Hybrid Bearings

    ●High performance silicon nitride based structural ceramics use as structural materials.

    ●Its good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, low specific gravity and high strength .

    ●Widely used in machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, transportation, energy, environmental protection and textile and other industries.

    ●It is one of the most excellent high-performance ceramic materials, the most promising structural ceramics.

  • Hybrid Deep Groove Ball Bearing

    Hybrid Deep Groove Ball Bearing

    ●Non-separating bearing.

    ●Suitable for high-speed applications.

    ●The inner hole range is 5 to 180 mm.

    ●Widely used bearing type, especially in motor applications and in electric motors.

  • Hybrid Cylindrical Roller Bearings

    Hybrid Cylindrical Roller Bearings

    ●Effective in preventing current from passing through, even alternating current

    ●The rolling body has low mass, low centrifugal force and therefore low friction.

    ●Less heat is generated during operation, which reduces the load on the lubricant. The grease lubrication coefficient is set at 2-3.The life rating calculation is therefore increased

    ●Good dry friction performance

  • Miniature Deep Groove Ball Bearing

    Miniature Deep Groove Ball Bearing

    ●The main material is carbon steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, plastic, ceramic, etc

    ●Have the advantages of excellent quality, high precision, long life and good reliability